Five Tips For Managing Workplace Stress

Posted on: 17 June 2015


Going into a difficult workplace every day is never fun. Luckily, you can always to try new stress management strategies in the workplace. Try infusing your day with some of these activities to lower your stress levels. 

Structure Your Day

Workplace stress can be caused by mismanaging your time or feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to accomplish. When you first arrive at the office, conquer that initial rush of stress by writing down all of your tasks for the day. Do a triage by quickly accomplishing those small, nagging tasks that would otherwise hang over your head. Then, jump right into your most important task for the day. Using this strategy, you can minimize the appearance of a never-ending task list and start your morning off with less stress. 

Create Affirmations

Going mindlessly through your day is a poor way to manage stress. Instead, take times throughout the day to remind yourself of the good things about your job. For instance, you could write down positive thoughts about your position. When you feel overwhelmed, take time to read what you've written and remind yourself that it will be okay. 

Strengthen Your Relationships

If you have a coworker who creates a lot of stress for you, it can be tempting to avoid the person at all costs. Instead, try to build a better relationship with them by learning more about them or offering to take something off of their plate. The stress caused by conflicts can often be reduced once you come to understand the coworker and avoid seeing them as the enemy. 

Give Yourself a Massage

A bit of touch can reduce your stress levels and relieve muscle tension. Take the time in your day to give your shoulders, head and neck a mini massage. If you are embarrassed to do this in front of your coworkers, step outside or use the restroom. 


Research says that twenty minutes a day of exercise is enough to provide health benefits such as stress reduction. You could work this into your lunch break to help you recharge. 

You may also try to break exercise up into smaller chunks; a short, brisk walk could be all you need to restart your day. When you feel stress creeping up, step away from the task for a few minutes and walk around the block. 

Since there are many ways to reduce your stress in the workplace, you have the freedom to choose what works best for you. Try the ideas above to see how they improve your ability to cope with job stress.