The Quest to Help Others

About Me

I grew up in the southern United States. My family regularly prepared unhealthy fried foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sadly, I was severely obese by the time I reached my teenage years. I lost weight during my high school years from exercising compulsively. However, I still consumed unhealthy foods. Thankfully, after I became an adult and moved out of my family’s home, I began to eat better foods. Now, I enjoy eating servings of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products every day. I am at a healthy weight. I also want to help those who are struggling with their weight transform their lives through eating healthy. I plan to accomplish this task by writing a self-help book. On this blog, you will discover how to help others by writing down your experiences in a self-help book.

Five Tips For Managing Workplace Stress

Going into a difficult workplace every day is never fun. Luckily, you can always to try new stress management strategies in the workplace. Try infusing your day with some of these activities to lower your stress levels.  Structure Your Day Workplace stress can be...